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atp social innovation is our engine room for social change


Speaking & Workshops

pulling together our strengths to bring a positive change


Speaking & Workshops

pulling together our strengths to bring a positive change

We believe to change the world it is better to do it together.

We offer you the benefits of our decades of wisdom through interactive sessions, bespoke training models, and practical advice on business and personal development.

public speaking

We regularly deliver talks, lectures and seminars on a range of subjects. These sessions are generally focused on the community and how to make an impact, improve integration and understanding.  We specialise in the following:

  • Social entrepreneurship
  • Social impact
  • Community creation
  • Start-ups/Business
  • Social & new media
  • Creativity in community
  • Art & the redemption of society
  • Postmodern society
  • Intercultural communication
  • Communication across cultures
  • Visual peacemaking

workshops & training

We offer a range of courses to benefit you or your organisation, please contact us to book one now.

  • Photographing other cultures
  • Branding & design
  • Social media
  • Narrative & story
  • Marketing (Digital/Email/SEO/Analytics/SMS/Adwords) 
  • Conflict resolution
  • Peace making

mentoring & consultation

If you are interested in setting up a business, an internship or want career guidance and mentoring, then the below services are for you.

  • Social entrepreneurship
  • Start-ups & entrepreneurship
  • Career & personal development
  • Creative industries
  • Digital strategy
  • Internships


Please contact us if you would like to book a talk or workshop.


Drawn together 2015 (12 of 39).jpg






An Exhibition of Photography

Thursday 2nd July - Thursday 30th July 

The Generation Game

4th April – 15th May 2015


Drawn Together

5th March - 31st March 2015


Colour Notes
Recent Paintings by John Stephens

14th November 2014 - 9th January 2015

Guerilla Gallery

17th December 2013


If you are interested in putting on an exhibition, please contact