4th June - 25th June 2015

We are delighted to be working alongside Woodlands School to put on an exhibition of Timeon's artwork this Summer. Timeon is currently undertaking a BTEC Art course at Ashcroft High School and his artwork has already started attracting a lot of public attention - in April he had his first public display of his work at the Luton Autism Awareness event at Venue 360, he has been interviewed by BBC Three Counties Radio and in May some of his work featured in an exhibition of New Artists at Bromham Mill. 


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Timeon's Story

Timeon was born in 1998. He started his schooling at Farley Nursery then moved to Hillborough School in 2004.  He found it difficult to settle at school - his concentration was poor and he did not interact well with the other pupils. His mum was often called into the school just to calm him down. He struggled with reading and progress with learning was slow. In 2006, Timeon was assessed at the Edwin Lobo Centre who concluded that he had language and social difficulties linked with autism.

With a diagnosis, life at school became easier for Timeon; he was able to access the help and support that he needed. Staff encouraged him and supported him to join in all the activities that he was happy to do – Art, PE, drama and after school club.  He started to make progress with reading.  It was in Art lessons that he began to excel, and he started attending art lessons after school.  He took part in the group activities and entered competitions; the group won the Luton in Harmony competition when he was 11.

Timeon moved to Woodlands Secondary School in 2008. Initially he found it difficult at this new school – in particular getting used to other young people with different kinds of needs.  His interest in art was spotted early on.

In 2013 the school found out about the submission date for the Luton Art competition, a week before the deadline.  When Timeon was asked if he wanted to enter a painting, he was keen to do so and produced ‘The Man with a Thousand Heads’ within 4 days. The painting came second in the competition for his age group and was subsequently sold. He entered the competition again in 2014 and once again came second in his age group.

During the summer term 2014, Timeon had the opportunity to join some art sessions at Ashcroft High School.  Following discussions with the Art teacher, it was decided that Timeon would be able to join the BTEC Art course with a view to getting a level 1 or 2 qualification by Summer 2016.  He attends Ashcroft on a weekly basis and is making very good progress.

When Timeon returned to school in September 2014 he expressed a desire to organise an exhibition of his work.  The school introduced Timeon to Bedford based artist, Anne Marie Stiljelja; she came to school and met Timeon and looked at his work.  She invited him along to the Big Draw event at Bromham Mill during October half term.  Timeon had the opportunity to see some of Anne-Marie’s work on display and this rekindled his wish to organise his own exhibition.