brand strategy & identities

A brand is the total experience and public image of your business, organisation or charity. More than just a logo it is also a desirable idea coming to life in people, places and products.

Your brand is a set of unique

  • Values
  • Guarantees
  • Feelings  

We can build a fresh identity whether you are a start-up or in need of a re-brand.  We will form a strategy for your brand, and help you implement it.  You may need clear and structured brand guidelines, or a fluid and flexible set of rules, reflecting your brand’s purpose and industry.

We can help put together an awareness campaign or even consult with your marketing department. We offer packages ranging from simple brand creation to complete strategies, design elements and multi-platform output.  

We want to get to know your company and what your drives and passions are so we can create something tailored for you. Additionally, we want to engage both with people inside and outside your organisation and use these experiences to shape a strategy which truly reflects your brand and its positioning in a global market.



In the world we live in it is increasingly important to get your message across in an instant. So developing a ‘creative visual language’ that captures people’s imagination and helps them visualise who you are and what you do is crucial.

Our business is creative visual communication. It’s what we know and what we do. Our team has significant experience in enabling people to discover their core message and we can help you find and develop your unique ‘creative visual language.’ One that expresses not just what you are doing but who you are – your personality. 


social media

When the internet was in its infancy people had no idea how it would become an essential part of connecting our world. Today it has become the world’s biggest information exchange, social club and market place.

Social media is at the forefront of providing a two way dialogue between organisations and individuals and is constantly evolving.

We work with and manage a number of social media accounts for businesses, charities, the public sector and private individuals. In addition we design background templates for social media sites, blogs and websites.

Services include: Consultancy, Courses & training, Segmentation & profiling, Campaign management, Research & insight, Social optimisation & SEO, Community interactions, Social design, Engagement & Monitoring, Reporting, Conversion tracking & Analytics and Campaign strategy.


campaigns & marketing

In a postmodern culture, originality is essential to stand out.  Drawing inspiration from a wide range of sources, with an understanding of the nuances of human nature, we create fresh, creative ideas for your organisation’s services and products.

We can handle all areas of your project from printing, web publication and other mediums to ensure your message is central and consistent across the board. This together with our cutting edge technology means we can deliver your campaign quickly and on time. 


brand language & writing

Communicating effectively in today’s fast moving culture is vital. You may have a lot to say but often you have very little time to get your message across.  That’s why it’s important the words you use deliver your message clearly and reinforce your brand and imagery quickly and effectively.

We can provide three levels of service to help you achieve that aim with our in-house team of writers:

Proofing:  Checking for spelling, grammar and punctuation.

Editing: Communicating is about making the right word choices in a clean, sharp style without the clutter of needless words and we bring that dynamic to your existing work. Editing to improve layout and formatting, we will check against word repetition, imprecise language and bring clarity & consistency of tone. 

Copy writing: Providing copy that is both creative and reader-friendly. This is our top end service providing material that is crafted, fresh and original. We’ll work with you to develop a brand language that is consistent across all platforms to give you the edge you need. 



film production

One of the best tools to engage and influence people is through storytelling and film is a powerful visual medium in which to do this.

We make documentaries, short and feature film projects as well as offering production and post-production services. We have in house 4K resolution production camera gear and post production facilities.  We can shoot super slow motion footage and have an array of different cameras, GoPro's and equipment to get the right shot for your project.

We are always bursting with creative ideas and would love to chat to you about your project. If you need them we have contacts with actors, suppliers and organisations in the UK film industry.

We create high quality videos that introduce people to your company, charity, products and services. Our videos are fresh, creative and to the point, capturing people’s attention with your story and leaving them wanting to engage with you. 

As well as commercial work we have a passion to bring about creative solutions to social challenges around the world and are always willing to talk to partners to help this happen.



Think of the most beautiful moment in your life.  If you are like most people you will remember it in images. This is what we aspire to capture with our photography. Something inspirational that makes us feel connected to each other and to a sense of greater purpose.

Our combined experience of 90 years in photography gives us the experience and ability to find the visual image that will show off that special ‘something’ which engages people and tells the story that you want it to.

We bring the same ethos and attention to detail to every job. From fine art to products, from events to commercial, we will draw inspiration from all sorts of disciplines to produce your images. Images which are creative and beautiful as well as functional.  

To produce this high standard of work our photographers work with the latest high spec digital cameras. 


event coverage

Our photographers and camera operators cover a wide range of events, ranging from awards ceremonies to festivals and sports competitions.

No matter what type of event, we make sure that your photos and videos are of the highest standard, and are delivered in a format of your choosing, e.g. dvds, web downloads, blu-rays, data discs among others. 


animation & motion graphics

We live in an age that, visually speaking, our imagination is the only limit what we can achieve. Animation and motion graphics are amazing story telling tools that can bring a certain sparkle to a project. 

Our animators modellers have worked on a whole host of projects from vector animation, 3d animation, motion graphics and visual effects. We love to use our skills to and something exciting to a project and push the boundaries of what has already been achieved.



design for digital 

Our mantra is that good design should be both functional and look fantastic.

Our team will meet your design needs, give you fantastic visuals as well as leaving the end user with a great experience. Our websites, web apps, software and native apps are all created with user experience in mind. 

As technology has progressed it has created the challenge of every increasing expectations from consumers. We love to meet this challenge, to pioneer at the forefront of the industry and give you cutting edge design. Our goal is that you are able to showcase your company in the most creative, fresh, and vibrant manner in order to achieve your goals.

Your digital presence is often the gateway to you or your organisation and we believe it can be both functional and visually stunning. Our team of designers and developers create beautiful and highly functional websites for businesses, organisations and charities. We are also ensure great search engine optimisation and easier navigation.

In each project we bring fresh ideas and tailor-make each design and build based on your requirements. 


design for print

As our world becomes increasingly digital, something physical and tangible can speak to us in ways like never before.

Our team loves to use their specialist skills to make truly beautiful objects for you. Whether that is a book layout, disk cover design or unique marketing material.  

We deal with most outputs and are able to advise you through the pitfalls. As well as manage the print process from start to finish using both traditional printing techniques or the latest digital processes.



Illustrations convey a mood, tone or narrative in a way that can’t be achieved through any other medium. With a wide and varied range of applications such as wall murals, album artwork, book illustrations and marketing, it is a key element in how your project is perceived by its audience.

Our specialty is in mixed media illustration, typography and handmade illustrations.  

Some examples of projects which we have used illustrations to good effect are: bespoke interior design portfolios, children's books, educational projects and marketing campaigns.

Our illustrators would be really excited to talk to you about your project.