We specialise in creating beautiful timelapse's that convey movement, architectural accomplishments or a heightened sense of emotion.  We have delivered projects lasting from a few hours to several years, and beyond.

We have over 10 years experience in;

  • Construction interior and exterior timelapses'
  • Corporate timelapse of movement and transport
  • Creative additions, including tilt-shift/movement/motion graphics
  • Creating bespoke music and audio tracks to enhance the final out put
  • Risk assessments and all necessary health & safety requirements 
  • High quality still images to accompany videos


We can deliver;

  • Comprehensive solutions to get the best results
  • High quality time-lapse videos up to 4K in resolution
  • Support and maintenance of the time-lapse systems
  • Production of a monthly/interval video updates
  • Secured back-up, server and storage of all images
  • Production of a 'video-so-far' of the project for presentations and meetings as required
  • Access to your images through a website interface
  • The ability to embed images of your project on a named website