We look to serve each other, local communities and the world. One of the things we do best is help you to realise your vision, encourage your dreams and give you the tools to implement them. We are passionate about economic and social regeneration as well directly supporting and benefitting charitable causes, as we strive to help change the world for the better. 


We are always learning and the way that society learns shapes changing culture. We learn together and believe that there is something to learn from everyone we meet. All of our values have a human or people component that drives a passion to recognise, develop and release the uniqueness and potential in every person we meet. One of the practical ways we channel this passion is to run an extensive and varied internship programme and workshops for schools, colleges and adults.


Creativity is part of our very design and drawing that out of everyone we meet is core to our values. Creativity in all its expressions is encouraged including commercial work, the arts, social enterprise, establishing communities, in peace making and tackling social issues.


Everything we do comes from and goes to community. Our values lead us to help affect positive social, environmental and community change through the use of our creativity and influence.  We look to make opportunities for collaboration, encouragement and inspiration. We help to build bridges of cooperation between communities at odds, both locally and internationally, through peace making and creative interventions. We love to conduct business relationally and would love to sit down and have a coffee with you some time.